What if I am good?

What if the truth about me IS that I am good to the core? What if I have spent enough time seeing all the reasons why that couldn’t possible be and I simply choose to sit with the what if.


  • What does that look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What does it taste like?
  • What does that sound like?
  • What does it smell like?

How does that change the way I relate to my environment? [and to me environment is the relationship I have with everything around me … both animate and inanimate]

What if I really am a part of True Love?

What if all there is is Love and grace for me and for everyone. Period.

What if it really really [really!!] is simply a matter of shifting my focus and steadfastly refusing to give voice the the concept of inherently bad that I have carried as a  foundational belief since before I was born.

What if there has always been a way out of that foundational negative belief? I just have not seen it because the programming that I agreed with could not let the way out in?

I agreed to allow myself to be programmed by fear … it seemed like the smartest move at the time. What if I can shift that choice at any time and it all changes? Essentially that is what I have done with RSM … I’ve chosen systematically to retrace to where I made the choice to allow fear programming to rule.  And now I am systematically choosing to rewire to True Love … God if you will.

Question: Was there [Is there] a higher good for all inherent in my choice to allow the fear programming to rule until I began the systematic journey home to True Love ? I have to wonder why if I am inherently good, I would choose to be blinded to that?

There are those … many, who believe that there is a war for our minds … that there is a big war between good and evil and that evil appeared to ‘win’ when I/they made that choice. And … What if that is only how it appears to us on this planet because we agreed to allow temporary blindness. Is this me in denial of badness? And … if I am inherently good, how can I be bad?

What if I chose to experience the “other side” of the equation for a time ..

What if I am really really COURAGEOUS by choosing to do so??

What if there is really no ‘other side’ and it is all ONE … One Love One Life One Heart One Dance

What if I CAN trust what I am hearing and sensing deep within. What if the tilt I’m feeling is really tilt?

I love the big I don’t knows.  I love that the answers show up when I earnestly seek for them.

What about you?  What answers show up for you?


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