You CAN stop the Blame Game!

Favorite line? ” And this is the biggest problem in the world because “Everyone walks around like Bill saying ‘The Universe is against me!’— and, no it isn’t!” AND. No! It. Isn’t. !!!

the biology of belief

The subconscious controls our nervous system. Either you’re controlling your consciousness, or it’s on autopilot (the subconscious). Here’s how it can play out: suppose you were close to a friend, and you know your friend’s behavior; and you also happen to know your friend’s parent. At some point you recognize that your friend shares some of the same behavior as their parent. Then you say something simple like, ‘Hey, you know Bill; you’re just like your Dad.’ But then you have to back away from Bill because he goes ballistic: “How can you compare me to my Dad?!”

So, just as much as Bill says “How can you compare me to my Father?” (When you obviously see that Bill is behaving exactly like his Father), we have to recognize that there is no difference for us. We are doing exactly the same thing. And just like Bill, we don’t see…

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