Joy, Structure and Self Control

There is JOY in structure and self control.

It is hard to feel joyful and filled with hope when your body is screaming in pain,  your brain is foggy, and your body feels heavy and weighted down inspite of the lowest number on the scale in awhile.

I have noticed that there is a direct correlation between what I put in my  mouth and how my body responds to me.  This has been a sludgy week … in spite of efforts to be careful in my  gluten intake.  Ha!  I have not been as careful about dairy. The four pieces of  fudge last Sunday  were  so immediately satisfying, yet in the longer term proved to significantly less than satisfying.  And,  if I am 100% honest with myself I have not given eliminating the hidden glutens, such as the gluten hidden in whatever is put in mass produced turkeys, my best effort.  I ate it.  Not my best effort!  I told myself there is no gluten in the turkey, yet whatever it is injected with to plump it up contains gluten and it was stuffed with wheat bread stuffing.  Really, Deborah?  No gluten??  Today I feel the effects of that choice.

So today, I have the opportunity to make another choice … How will I respond to the effects?  Will I beat myself up and add to the discomfort I am already in?  Will I curl up and go back to bed and whine and moan? Hmmm … I could also choose to remember that God sees me with love in His eyes and heart … and is this really so S E R I O U S ? ? ? ? ?

Could it be a laughing matter?   HaHa!!  Could it BE that simple?  Laughter halts the forward motion of a potentially depressing downward spiral day …Yes.  I’m thinking it IS that simple.  Decision … Laugh.

There is JOY in structure and self control.  Laughter in this moment is the structure:) The choice to laugh is the self control.  It lightens the load.  HaHa!!!  HeHe!!! HoHo!!!

HaHaHa … it’s working .. that’s my job today … laugh when the impulse is to hurt myself with my internal critic … gonna be a good day!!!


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