jasmine white flower isolated on white backgroundSharing an expanded version of my response to a query a few months ago by Jim Palmer:  I believe the query was related to the wake up call within?

My kick awake occurred four years ago when the body I inhabit collapsed and essentially said “No more of THIS , this driving me through the messages I’m sending you. I don’t know what to do with the conflicting messages you are giving me. I. Am. Done.”

At that time I was unapologetically un-affiliated with christianity.   I hated it.  I hated [still do] what organized religion stood for . I had never deeply investigated … I simply hated, resented and reacted out of that. I tried not to.

Then I had a “come-back-to-Jesus” moment … a long moment … a necessary spiraling back into that place so disliked.   My driving dream and focus has been One Love One Life One Heart One Dance …. Turns out that’s not possible when I am hating a whole people group …

And as I have done my investigating, I seem to be landing [once again] “outside” the christian camp [ we are never really outside any camp are we ] For the past two &  a half years, I have been retracing the core negative beliefs in my that have blocked my access to True Love [aka God] to their activating point in my lifetime, in my existence and neutralizing them.

Deprogramming and reprogramming. Holy moly … it is not taking me where I thought it would.    I am landing in a very compassionate place …  the oldest daughter of two devout fundamentalist missionaries to Japan now in their 80’s and waiting to die so they can go to heaven [  ] It is good to be in compassionate place … I would like to say that in the process of deprogamming the fundamentalist beliefs, that I made peace with the god of the church …

And, that is simply not it … Instead, I opened up to more and more questions, answers, more questions … answers and even more questions.

There is a Knowing that has stopped being negotioable.  I no longer choose to engage in debate about that which the I Am within continues to open me to.

And compassion.  Deep compassion …



What if I am good?

What if the truth about me IS that I am good to the core? What if I have spent enough time seeing all the reasons why that couldn’t possible be and I simply choose to sit with the what if.


  • What does that look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What does it taste like?
  • What does that sound like?
  • What does it smell like?

How does that change the way I relate to my environment? [and to me environment is the relationship I have with everything around me … both animate and inanimate]

What if I really am a part of True Love?

What if all there is is Love and grace for me and for everyone. Period.

What if it really really [really!!] is simply a matter of shifting my focus and steadfastly refusing to give voice the the concept of inherently bad that I have carried as a  foundational belief since before I was born.

What if there has always been a way out of that foundational negative belief? I just have not seen it because the programming that I agreed with could not let the way out in?

I agreed to allow myself to be programmed by fear … it seemed like the smartest move at the time. What if I can shift that choice at any time and it all changes? Essentially that is what I have done with RSM … I’ve chosen systematically to retrace to where I made the choice to allow fear programming to rule.  And now I am systematically choosing to rewire to True Love … God if you will.

Question: Was there [Is there] a higher good for all inherent in my choice to allow the fear programming to rule until I began the systematic journey home to True Love ? I have to wonder why if I am inherently good, I would choose to be blinded to that?

There are those … many, who believe that there is a war for our minds … that there is a big war between good and evil and that evil appeared to ‘win’ when I/they made that choice. And … What if that is only how it appears to us on this planet because we agreed to allow temporary blindness. Is this me in denial of badness? And … if I am inherently good, how can I be bad?

What if I chose to experience the “other side” of the equation for a time ..

What if I am really really COURAGEOUS by choosing to do so??

What if there is really no ‘other side’ and it is all ONE … One Love One Life One Heart One Dance

What if I CAN trust what I am hearing and sensing deep within. What if the tilt I’m feeling is really tilt?

I love the big I don’t knows.  I love that the answers show up when I earnestly seek for them.

What about you?  What answers show up for you?

Who’s in Charge? – How do the findings in cell cultures relate to you?

This is part of the science behind Retracing Sequence Method. We have so much more influence that we know.

the biology of belief

A human being is not a “single” living entity, we are actually a community of upwards of fifty trillion sentient cellular citizens. In truth, we are “skin-covered” Petri dishes containing trillions of cells. The culture medium in our bodies is the blood. Consequently, the fate of our body’s cells is influenced by the composition of our blood in the same manner that the fate of cultured stem cells are influenced by changing the chemistry of the culture environment (Note: Yes, the above has already been stated in other posts in the biology of belief blog).

The big question then amounts to, “What controls the chemistry of our blood, which in turn influences the fate of our health and biology?” As mentioned above, the trillions of cells comprising our bodies are organized into a massive community, within which cells take on specialized functions to support the life of the community. Some…

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Want a Change?

“Earth is heaven where we get to create and experience and be in love and have kick ass dreams. ” Yes yes yes!!!

the biology of belief

When I was much younger, science was a much freer endeavor. Now it’s more or less just a mechanism of the pharmaceutical industry producing new drugs all the time. Drugs are the last thing we need. I left the job and this was just the beginning of the changes to come.
Have you heard that 10% of illnesses are directly related to genetics? We have the power to control our destiny in all areas of our life, in fact, it’s why we’re here.
What the new biology reveals is that nothing is out of our control. We can heal ourselves and make our dreams come true if we learn to become mindful.
Earth is heaven where we get to create and experience and be in love and have kick ass dreams. If you become mindful, every decision and manifestation is controlled by your conscious mind.

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What if physical decline and illness is not our birthright?  What if we can live vibrantly right up until we draw our last breath?

the biology of belief

A character of all multicellular organisms in the biosphere is that their life progresses through a defined series of sequential stages that collectively define a life cycle. In the animal kingdom, the life cycle stages are: conception, development, maturation, decline, and death. Though death may be inevitable, the duration of an individual’s life span is an unknown variable.
As a linear time line, the whole life cycle represents a process of aging. The conventional usage of “aging,” however, is generally associated with the phase of the life cycle defined as decline. The period of decline is characterized by a loss of physical and mental function, decrepitude, and infirmity, all traits of “growing old.”
The human aging period is of variable duration. Some individuals experience a long, protracted period of decline, while others are fortunate enough to have a vibrantly healthy life and then pass peacefully in their sleep, essentially without…

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What are Imaginal Cells?

I love the way Dr. Lipton expresses this here … a few months ago, I looked up the caterpillar to butterfly process and was fascinated … It describes the Retracing Sequence Method journey for me on a personal level and I suspect for my clients as they move through it. I love the connection to the much broader picture globally presented here … we are microcosms of a much larger process!

the biology of belief

To better understand the opportunity hidden in today’s crises, consider the tale of another world in transition. Imagine you are a single cell among millions that comprise a growing caterpillar. The structure around you has been operating like a well-oiled machine, and the larva world has been creeping along predictably. Then one day, the machine begins to shudder and shake. The system begins to fail. Cells begin to commit suicide. There is a sense of darkness and impending doom.

From within the dying population, a new breed of cells begins to emerge, called imaginal cells.(aka YOU!) Clustering in community, they devise a plan to create something entirely new from the wreckage. Out of the decay arises a great flying machine—a butterfly—that enables the survivor cells to escape from the ashes and experience a beautiful world, far beyond imagination. Here is the amazing thing: the caterpillar and the butterfly have…

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What kind of vibes are you feeling today?

Ooooohh my goodness !!! Oh. My. Goodness. This tiny 4 paragraph post is anything but tiny !

the biology of belief

Have you ever visited someone’s house and thought—“Wow, it’s so beautiful, it feels so peaceful, I love this house.” That’s a house that resonates well with the energy of its occupants and with your energy as well. Or you visited someone else’s house and thought, “What’s up with that flocked wall paper? Oh my god, how could they have put that on the wall?” That house does not match your energy and its occupants no doubt don’t either.

Or if I suggest that you go home and read a book, I bet you’ll go home and curl up in your special chair, the one you feel most comfortable in, even though there may be an identical matching partner parked right next to it. It is the energy field that surrounds your special chair that makes you feel good!

Or a final example. Have you ever driven your partner crazy by…

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You CAN stop the Blame Game!

Favorite line? ” And this is the biggest problem in the world because “Everyone walks around like Bill saying ‘The Universe is against me!’— and, no it isn’t!” AND. No! It. Isn’t. !!!

the biology of belief

The subconscious controls our nervous system. Either you’re controlling your consciousness, or it’s on autopilot (the subconscious). Here’s how it can play out: suppose you were close to a friend, and you know your friend’s behavior; and you also happen to know your friend’s parent. At some point you recognize that your friend shares some of the same behavior as their parent. Then you say something simple like, ‘Hey, you know Bill; you’re just like your Dad.’ But then you have to back away from Bill because he goes ballistic: “How can you compare me to my Dad?!”

So, just as much as Bill says “How can you compare me to my Father?” (When you obviously see that Bill is behaving exactly like his Father), we have to recognize that there is no difference for us. We are doing exactly the same thing. And just like Bill, we don’t see…

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“Evade every influence that keeps you frozen in the past. ” ― Rob Brezsny

Pam Grout

“Our inner fire bursts into flame by an encounter with another human.”—Albert Schweitzer

In E-Cubed, the book I just turned in, the follow-up book to E-Squared, the book that comes out, I’m told, on September 16, I talk a lot about the importance of community.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no substitute for getting together with fellow compadres who are walking the path of enlightenment, who are interested in energy and miracles.

Neuroscientists have discovered that humans reverberate to the actions and emotions of people around them. This unspoken, but ongoing communication is why someone yawning can make you yawn even if you slept 10 hours the night before. It’s why bouncing around in Zumba with a group or applauding with a concert audience makes us feel so happy.

This resonance is why I’m part of two power posses here in my hometown. We get together weekly (one…

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Cultivating Practice Does Not Require Conscious Awareness

It’s a funny thing.  You don’t even have to know you’re cultivating practice to  cultivate it.  That doesn’t sound very intentional or conscious does it.

Cultivating practice only  requires that you take the tiny consistent steps toward whatever it is.

Every day.  Ridiculously tiny steps that feel like nothing at all on most days.   Especially if you’re used to  BIG.  BOLD.  MOVEMENT.    In my case, I had no idea I was cultivating it.   I was simply showing up to the things that I COULD do every single day.   Read moreImage